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  • Ply Trust

    We have maintained a small trust which will be used for educating children who couldn't afford it. 30% of our membership fee will be added to the trust.
  • Our Aim

    This is our aim
  • Who We Are

    We are a group of young professionals working in different fields. We like to code and take a keen eye on technology change. We are not only involved in coding but also in different other fields like games, gadgets hunting and other activities.

Ply Group

We are a group of young and energetic professionals in the field of Information Technology. Our aim is to learn, teach and help ourselves and others. Ply Group is the best place to share and find code, tech reviews, tutorials and much more.

Our group is not only working in information technology, but are we also planning to include other sectors like telecom, retail business, fashion and many more. Ply Group plans to emerge as a group of companies doing business in all sectors.

Our focus is healthy technology and to start with our ply-trust is already in action.

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Bill Gates


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